Friday, May 27, 2016

Handbag From Leftovers

A quick bag for the weekend.

What I'm actually doing  NOW is fixing the fit on a pair of pants I've made for the Pattern Review contest AND
hemming the mothership of prom dresses.
That will be an entertaining post if I ever finish it.

But this is a quick bag. Mostly made, it's a foldover piece of fabric, about 8" by 26" (10, 10, 6? I'm guessing), joined by zippers, hunks of scrap for lining and finished on the outside edges with 2" ribbon that becomes the loops for the strap hardware.

There's a hook for my keys on the left and a pen sleeve on the right, both in the side seams.

Clearance contrast zipper makes a back pocket. 

A rough sketch of the pattern. The grey is the interior divider pocket
Because pockets.

We're here for the 

Ohio Travel Bag 1 1/8" Nickel Plate Tuck Lock Clasp

I got this on Amazon, but you can find them around. 

What I foolishly did not take a photo of was that I wedged in a hunk of felt in the layers to anchor the base of the clasp.
The base was installed first, and then I line up the flap of the bag and the tuck part to the base. 

I could mark the tuck on the bag flap with it engaged in the base, but not the other way around.
And I'm lazy.

Hole poking. You have hole pokers. A nail or a screw would do the job.

Pliers! One decent pair will solve a ton of troubles. These are pretty cheap and they've done the job for 25 years (oh gosh, I am that old) 

Lovely! Functional!

Sides sewn up

I bought the strap material at Sew Expo for $12, which is about twice the cost of all the other materials here. The rings are keyring split rings, which always come in handy.
The clasps are big jewelry lobster clasps, and the D rings are....from Daiso. 12 for $1.50.

They don't all match, but I needed a little bag, and I have another plan for a strap, just not the time.


  1. What sweet fabric (good job on continuity!) and I love the clasp. My first ever school bag had the same clasps - I'll never forget clicking them.

    1. This is the first time I've ever bought fabric on a whim for a bag. I tend to overthink these things. And the clicking just drives my spouse crazy (bonus point this week)

  2. I love this bag, and the clasps - but would never have thought of them, allowing interchangeable straps. Cool.

    1. Working on the strap collection. There's a long essay in the making.

      Thanks thanks thanks


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