Sunday, August 7, 2016

Six Napoleon - Epilogue

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

McCall's 6396 would be easier and give you an everyday item, not just a formal item.

This is what this dress reminds me of. Love that Little Pony version on the right, btw.

So this pinned version is where I left off.

 I steamed the skirt like a sauna, but those folds just came right back.

After a day of thinking and rethinking, I stitched down the draped skirt to the short base skirt.

Double stitched at the big triangular drop

Yanked the bondsuit top over it and pinned it down.
I had to add fabric at the sides to expand the top to cover the skirt. The crotch extensions for the  bodysuit were barely enough.

I did not have to carve off the sleeves to fill the side gaps.

This is overexposed, but you can see the pleats in this.

The front  and the back are the same, with four basic pleats

Okay, this is not a great diagram but you get the idea. The big [2] pleat  combines with the [3] to its right side. There's a LOT of fabric in that center.  I tried moving the volume out to the sides, and it just didn't give the same shape as the original.

The top of the big central pleat is covered a little; I had to pull it up otherwise the hem dragged on the floor.

At this point, to finish, I would stitch the top to the skirt and remove the parts of the  underskirt that aren't sewn to the overskirt and the top.

Now, you're asking yourself: is she going to finish this?
And I don't think so. 

I don't need this dress. The folks who were initially interested in a final version have changed their minds. I would have to build a new bodice and I don't know to what end that would be.

So I'm going to pull the bodice off, and save the skirt. It may yet find a job. But right now, it's just a noble lab sample.

Did I learn a lot? Yes. Was it fun? Yeah. 
And now it's time to stop.

Because it's almost time to show off
Yep. Rhinestones next week.


  1. Oh my, can that be fun?!

    By the way, I may be way off, but was this the fabric you were looking for earlier?

  2. It was interesting following your process. Thanks!

  3. Ah, what a shame! Could you at least put it on for a quick photo before dismantling?

    This is now turning into one of those contests like It's a Knockout where participants wall by the wayside. But I'm so grateful that you've given this your time and effort.... and also shared the benefit of your analysis wisdom which I found really helpful. Now go do something fun!

  4. I agree with Sew2Pro. It's a stellar achievement. Please put it on and let us have a good look at it. The sleeves are nice and the skirt is perfect.

    1. You know, I can't. I didn't make this to fit me; the bodice is too small for me.

      I set out to see if I could make one with thrifted items. I am satisfied with the experiment. I do feel like a party pooper for not making a complete dress and putting it on someone, but I'm all out of extra fabric and skinny girls.


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