Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Refashioners 2016 - Jeanius Edition

This was made last March 2016.

The jeans finally bit it in January

You may remember the tutorial on mending/relining a jeans pocket that it was featured in 2013. Oh, no? Well, there's the link.
And these are those jeans.

What better way to remember an old friend than with a hat?

The ErnieKap is a pattern I've been working on (and reworking) for a year.  It's a sized brim hat, and  I would be satisfied with it if  I spent more time on it.
It just needs a little fine tuning in the print department.

But for this purpose, it's a pattern. I have it here. I have enough fabric in these jeans to make one.
I carved out the logo to put on the front.

As per the pattern, you reuse elastic to snug up the hatband (and keep it from flying off)

And I used the pocket as the crown!

And he lost it last month.

So I guess I am going to make a better one this month.

Revisions I'd do: use the seams on the side bands. The seam across the brim was a better idea than a detail (makes the front edge look lumpy in this last photo).

Because aren't they the key design detail we associate with jeans?

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