Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 Refashioners Denim Challenge

Seattle Asian Art Museum Indigo show made me realize I wanted to participate in this year's challenge.
I think denim is over done, but I live on the west coast and there's a lot of it out here.
Boro fabrics have been in my saved searches on Ebay, and between that and the shibori things, the worn details on jeans pop out for me more than they used to.

I don't have enough fabric for a Chanel style fitted jacket, but that's what I'd make if I did. The seams would be featured, and the soft denim would be wonderful to wear. Hell, I could cut the sleeves from kids jeans (okay, maybe bigger than kids....)

The closer fit would deal with the heavy fabric (the denim coat I owned was stifling to wear)

Things I don't want to make
A straight 'jeans top' tote bag. 
No unraveling fringy stuff.
(it creeps me out)

I could collage the elements
I've made some notes.
I'll have it done this week.

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  1. I love what's coming out of this challenge, especially Gaby's dress (the latest) so.... good luck, my expectations are high!


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