Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bias Tape - Whatever gets it done is goodness

While we wait for me to finish the summer job and finish the sewing job and start poking more at the denim hat

(Hey one of my kids came home for the weekend from college to see ME. Of course I went for fries with him at midnight, are you nuts?)

I am reading the latest Seamwork from Collette patterns, and while they are KERAAAZY for Liberty bias tape, you could make your own.

I went over this as part of another post from three years ago, and instead of repeating what I wrote, 

I'm just going to link to it

Yes, that's a pink marker line. No, it's not washable. Sometimes I use a sharpie. I end up cutting it off later when I'm using it. Whatever makes this job happen faster is all good.
I may be lazy, but that means I take steps that count.

I cut the bias pieces, I sew them together so the seams all angle the same way, I don't match up the patterns unless it's a plaid, I cut them about two inches wide, and I iron the seams open. That sets the thread.

And then I roll them up. I don't iron it, because I'm going to be ironing them again later, and I don't use the same seam allowances for everything.

And I'm lazy. And it gets it done.
As I said, whatever gets this job DONE is good.

More samples at the link above.


  1. EXACTLY! I am 100% of the same opinion, and that's also how I make my bias tape. Miles of it when I'm in the mood to scrap bust. 2" is a very sensible width, and I also use whatever pen comes to hand, often a good old biro. Perfectionism? Not this Fairy!

  2. That really is a great idea. I'm always at a lost when I've finished something, but before I get going on the next thing. This would be a great transitional piece/ process.


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