Sunday, September 18, 2016

Revisiting the Landmarks and the House of Dud

The first week after working all summer is a little crazy. I run around town and catch up with the errands I didn't do since June.

Let's begin by mentioning that I don't get a dime for linking from this page. 

Stuff happened over the summer.

Sad turn of events. Kinokuniya Books at Uwajimaya is down to this bookcase for sewing books in Seattle. No more Bunka basics (the orange spined ones). 

Picked these up, plus a Gudetama lazy egg toy and another mechanical pencil.That looks like a pencil; oh yeah. Book reports later. Could not find Cotton Friend in the magazines. Did find the Gothic Lolita cosplay magazines though. Plenty of them.

Library books I blew through.  Saga is a great comic book; it's about war and racism so don't be handing it to your toddlers. The everyday carry mending kit with the business card stuck in the top so it won't go astray anymore.

Also watched the Creative Live Christine Haynes 'Sylvie' dress sewalong. Decently done, interesting format for a Sewalong (the idea being you buy the 'class' and watch it as you're working through it, not a one day marathon like other CL shows). Not cheap by any means at $79, which I assume will drop as time goes by. It's fine, that's just a ridiculous amount of money for a video about one dress.

Hey, for 69 cents maybe it would work

And I could make that Chanel denim jacket for the Refashioners 2016: denim challenge

Muslin's not too bad

Used the muslin as interlining for a full muslin on a Brunschwig and Fils "Palm House" chintz freebie (a short yard given to me because the corner is missing from a swatch. Sure......I'll take it off your hands....) because we are supposed to do things that we are afraid of

This is as much as you need to see. It's just not working out very well. It can be saved with some trickery in the top of the sleeve seam, just not now. And I don't imagine we'll be seeing the denim version this month.

 I'm in need of a new bodice block for the fat arms and the rounded shoulders and the dowager's hump I have acquired since the rotator cuff injury a year ago.

So I made a bag for my sister. Fabric from District Fabrics. Turns out I know the local fabric designer; it's Impwear. Hi Tracy!

It's just a copy of her beloved travel Sportsac. Their coated ripstop gets....icky after a number of years. Yeah, icky is a kind word for it.

 I stripped all the hardware and zips and decided to keep the label grosgrain tape as well.

Even put in an inside pocket the size she requested
Because bags don't need a full set of new bodice blocks.
Unlike the shirt and the other shirt
This photo doesn't need to be any bigger than this, thanks.

Which brings us to McCalls 7360, which was supposed to be a TNT, which still needs adjustments across the shoulders.

I'm going to go read my Veblen and cry. I need a new block.

On a brighter note, the Joann's in North Seattle did not clear out all the DKNY/Donna Karan patterns out of their drawers. 

Now I have. You're welcome, JoAnn's.


  1. And yes, I did get the pudding Gudetama. And yes, he has a little butt.

  2. Do not forget to shorten the back length. I have the same problems with my back.

    1. Thanks and yes I did forget. Now between the back and the butt..... shorten here, lengthen there.... so many complications in such a short person (5'2").

  3. Argh, I'd forgotten about the denim refashion (but have bought the jeans!).

    1. I've seam ripped mine into useful hunks. And that's how they are going to spend the winter....resting comfortably in the UFO pile. In good company, certainly, hanging with the 6Nap.


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