Thursday, September 29, 2016

Refashioners 2016 Denim Had Ambition, Pep

This is what we start with 

This is all we end up with.

The jacket' toile was a dud, I need a new block to start from. That's not going to happen for a few months, I have paid work coming in.

I had fine ambitions and lovely textures in mind. That bias at the top left? That was going to be the cuffs (runs off crying)
I wanted to start with a sampler of possibilities, so I figured I could use another hat.
Strip the jeans into the parts I wanted and let it work itself out from there.

Yes, that was a relined pocket. It's day is done.

Ooh. This is where the idea starts, with these layers and wear marks and contrast.
Collage hat in progress.
Measure twice

Cardboard pattern this time

Yeah, I'm still working on Ernie Kap 2.0. What's it to you!

A scalpel is a beautiful seam ripper

I anchor the end of the piece I'm ripping to the tabletop with one of these Irwin quick clamps. Not as pretty as the vintage 3rd hand birdy, but faster and more uses around the house.
(and no, I don't get money from Amazon. Those links are just so you can see what the thing is called in the real world and how much they cost. Hardware stores all over carry them one apiece. Only I need four of them. Maybe more.)

Measured against the headband piece. Making a cardboard pattern for this makes sense: I make a lot of these hats.

I put interfacing in the waistband/headband

Layers of seams, sewed down the belt loops, the button is no longer needed.

The top is a collage of mending techniques that I am not in love with. This is a sample for my entertainment.

 Voila. That's it.

And you will have to wait until Spring, my friends.

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  1. Argh that's a cute hat (were they Levis? The texture looks nice.

    My sewing priorities have changed (paid work also) and I've decided I didn't need a refashioned, flirty denim skirt as much as some more serious 'employ me' workwear. Maybe next spring: let's do it.


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