Sunday, January 1, 2017

New neck in old jacket

While I am not out smelling the flowers

or doing short book reports on Instagram...

Jane Dunnewold made a one book for all fabric surface design projects in 2005 for Interweave Press. It really does cover dyeing, printing, painting, and how to do it safely and permanently. And how to troubleshoot errors. The soda ash page saved my bacon several times over the years.
...I am rebuilding and remaking the clothes in my closet

L.C. King Manufacturing made a jacket that is, essentially, their coveralls chopped at the hip. It's a great work coat, way too many pocket, love it.
They no longer carry the jacket. Apparently they are also discontinuing the coveralls as well.
Think Bill Cunningham's blue jacket. Only not French.

The back of the neck of the jacket was driving me crazy; the weight of the jacket was hanging from and cutting into the back of my neck.

I know how to fix stuff.
I can do this.

 first you measure stuff.
Like the back half of your neck.

measuring the depth and shape of the back of my neck with a flexible curve

Make a pattern piece from that measurement/shape.

I wonder how many measuring devices I am going to cram into this photo

You would assemble the fabric for this. Unless you'd already ripped the collar off last week. So you could stare at it and think for a week.

Reassembled the removed collar and resewn it to make one long side, and redrew a grain line or two

Pin fit it inside out.
Had to think about it for another week.

And then at some point you sew it and forget about it because it's done and it's your go-to work coat

And this is the fabric on the underside. Because I save all the bits from Spoonflower 

I could have sworn I did a post on this in 2013, but I will be damned if I can find it. Oh well. I need to make another one, as the farm team of machines has grown.

I still have kids home for the holidays, so I will be articulate later. I'm trying to finish up some UFOs and a promised project or two. And those pockets in the pajamas still aren't done.....

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