Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Working out the bugs on the gloves

I have been poking at this pattern for years. 

I pick it up about this time of year to poke at it some more.

Bike gloves. This is version four.

I made the three pattern pieces up in three colors to keep the action clear. Further explorations have changed the order of assembly, the sizing of the pieces, and a few bloopers along the way.

And see those little thread bits? Yes, I put the thumb on wrong the first time. And picked it off.

This doesn't work. I need to make the seams for the back first.

And we need more gather on one side for the other fingers.

Ungainly but moving forward.

And it will get a cuff. Cuffs are easy. I can grab a mostly dead sock and cuff this in a heartbeat.

Fit issues. Big hands. Hard to pin fit a glove on the dominant hand with the other one. But we're moving the right direction here.

Scuba fabric?


  1. A noble endeavour. Seems impossible. I rarely wear gloves cause I'm terrified of losing them! I'd be even worse if they were gloves I'd slowly made!

    1. I have a dream that when I lose one glove, i can just go make one more to replace it. If it were a simple pattern, it would be an hour's job. Maybe two.
      I have a lot of left gloves.....


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