Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Usual Stack of Sewing

Not every sewing project gets done front to back at one time.

My sister's pants did
I bought this tag from Drygoods at SewExpo. I saved them for my sister for this very project (which has been waiting for months).

I blew through this project so fast, I didn't have time to take photos of cutting them out. But what's to look at? Black pants, two pattern pieces, side seam pockets, made them before, so no fitting. Laying out the fabric to get it ongrain took the most time of any of the steps. The linen/rayon was heavy enough that adding seam binding (the home made kind) to the side seams makes sense (pretty guts, stressed seam reinforcement). The center/crotch seams have been serged and may get bound in time (I can see that serger thread coming away from the seam eventually). I made a couple of yards of very stripey shirting fabric into this bias tape so Oh Yes,  I Have More.
Much much more.

Other projects get whittled away at.
Helps if they are the same thread color.
Especially the ones that have a lot of seam ripping prep.

I lightened this photo, which I wish I could have done to see what I was doing with the seam ripping. Needed new elastic, and I went in through the top seam.
Seams actually. Everything had been sewn twice or more.
One problem with athletic clothing alterations is that there's about a billion seams in there to remove the thread from. Often when you get all that thread out, there's a seam that's full of holes and 1/4" wide; not much to work with when you finally get there.  But I love these, they fit, they were thrifted and I was willing to sit and pick ten rows of stitching out while I listened to my favorite pop culture podcast about blood types, fried chicken skin, and Chuggington. 

Senpai Buddies. NSFW.

They did get finished though. Wore em the next day. Worked fine.

Was coerced into finding room to put something away in the storage room.
Found lots of paper goods that are ruined by mold.
Had the entire set of lobby cards. The entire set was ruined.

After some tears, back to work on waistband expansion ideas.
 Putting in a button tab in a narrow seam in the waistband. I can reverse this if it doesn't work.

Putting a tab on the semi-side, creating a pleat over the front welt pocket. Need to move button over more. I grow during the day.
There will be more on this project as it progresses.

It's a busy time at work, so I'm not getting as much sewing in. Boss, I'm working! I'm not posting from work!
I swear!

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