Monday, September 2, 2019

Body Scanning According to Goldman Sachs

generic tape measure stock photo - it's late, I'm tired. I'll go take one and put it in later.

This little infomercial from Goldman Sachs through Bloomfield News for no actual product showed up in my twitter feed.
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The idea is that you take photos of yourself with your cell phone and that information is enough for AI to calculate your actual size and get you RTW that fits you better.

Okay, now that you have stopped laughing, companies have tried the custom route and it's failed (the economies of scale just don't work)(high expectations lead to high returns)
I do miss the Lands End custom jeans. Took two returns, but the fault was mine in measuring myself correctly.

Another extension of this is the perfect dress form.

from the Ditto Form website

But let's get back to the infomercial.

Blue Sky with me here: could this force manufacturers (hungry to trim down expenses) into creating clothes that....god help us...we fit into?

Or would they do what they do now, and just say: No, you aren't the right size, I don't make clothes for your body, I don't want your money. 
I've been faced with people, presented with data analysis that does not reflect the answers they were looking for, going out and hiring another person to do the same search on the same data for the results they were looking for.

Sometimes we don't really know the data as well as we think.

Maybe there are more size 16 adult women, more size 22 adult women, more 'we don't have a size for you' adult women.

But - let's be hopeful. Let's say, presented with a wealth of data saying "People have tummies and butts and big arms", clothing manufacturers made clothing that fit those tummies and butts and big arms. Or at least gave more options for those that do.

I'm also hoping for wider shoes.

 I've screen shot the whole thing below. Pretend it's a Power Point, with snappy future music, no narration.

data sounds anecdotal but makes sense

This data could not be found

My parents had two arm chairs made for their measurements back in the 50s. 
I still have one of them.
Custom made is not new; mass production is.

Because  we lack imaginations, apparently.

But what industries?


  1. LOL. God forbid we went to a physical store where we were measured by trained sales help that then pointed us to brands/fits that work with our body type. They would then help us select clothes from the floor or order online. This worked for Nordstrom and Talbot's

    1. Funny you'd mention Nordstrom's. They are changing their retail direction at the main store in Seattle, to being more of a showroom where you can see the merch and order it online. To that end, they have added a fair amount of high end designer goods that are not targeted to any customer base guaranteed to purchase, instead to create walk in traffic to gaze upon the goods and perhaps buy something else. That's just how the retail business goes now.
      I have my issues with them as a local business, both good and bad, but they have been very good to the employees I know.


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