Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Report: Stripes and Russian Dressmaking Book

all illustrations from from  isbn: 978-5-386-05463-2 

Sewing does transcend language.

I have no Russian reading skills. I do not know the title of this book, I found it through the Seattle Public Library by keyword: dressmaking.  It's a flat pattern drafting book, pretty much like Armstrong or Kopp or Lo. The isbn is: 978-5-386-05463-2

No matter what language, that's a collar draft illustration

I did find a neat set of illustrations that deal with stripe matching. Cause I love me some stripes, I'm sharing those illustrations. These are not mine. Wish I were this smart, but I'm not.

Contrasting a balanced and unbalanced seam in stripes

balancing striped darts by shifting those darts 

moving darts to mirror striped effects in a bodice

THESE are going up on the design board!


  1. The title looks like Tehnika Kroya (the technique of cutting) but that translation is cobbled from my Serbo-Croat which is not the same language though uses almost the same letters in the Cyrillic. But the illustrations are way too clever for me! Good on you for decoding what they mean.

    1. You are, once again, all that and a bag of chips in the "Find Out More" department. Thanks!


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