Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Me and Costumes We Gotta Thing Goin' On

I love this costume. 
I love making costumes.
 It's been one of the best parts of being a parent.

Not adamantium. 

Recuffed Assassins Creed linen hoody. Cause I can't say no, and I have cheap linen sources.
(Ikea curtains)

The first bird costume (date is wrong, more like 2002).  A hoody cape, layers of feather shapes cut in strips of novelty quilting cotton in a feather print.

Robin Hood...is up to no good. Fast felt vest with shoestring lacing, shiny shirt and pants. And boy.

I bought the papal miter. I got hissed at! This costume went to an Episcopalian Halloween party last year and has not returned.

Naruto Mania, entirely from drawings online.

Particularly proud of the 3D swirl on the back.

The sad offgrain Dalek print from Spoonflower

Modeling the jacket. The pants are now.....still in need of a new zip.

So my next make is going to be this dress
Its Sew Chic Fifth Avenue Dress

in this print, broken into sections

And then I saw this:

oh so not a TARDIS or a Dalek...no, BBC, we don't need no stinkin' licences! Armed with a stick and a whisk, she is. The sports red model, from late Tennant.

1095 Misses' Costumes

Have a time travel adventure with these incredible costumes for misses. Gowns feature corset tops, bustles and appliques. Loriann Costume Designs for Simplicity. Perfect for Cosplay.

Wouldn't look anything like the lass on the left? The Tardis on the right is one of my future makes: a square hoop skirt! Lovin' it!

Simplicity 1095 is a simple assortment of staple pieces: corset, lightly hooped skirt, overbustle. I do like the hooded shrug, however.

 I could not wait for the inevitable sale, I bought this pattern for real money! 

So, I like costumes. 
Which is not the same thing as cosplay.

But they should spend more time talking.
Which I intend to do. 
(edit: original link to the picture is gone, as pattern is deleted. S034 November 2015)

Oh no, this must be .....Naval Officer Moon! She's no...Sailor....

I would be totally remiss if I didn't post a link to this site

Amazing stuff : this is her Elizabethan Dalek dress! 
Artemisia Moltabocca's website has had some turbulence in the hosted photo department, but worth your eyeballs.

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  1. Not only are your creations inventive, you seem to be having such fun and have perfectly solved the problem of what to sew for a boy. Good luck with the (expensive looking) Dalek print!

    It just so happens that on Woman's Hour (a daily BBC radio programme) they were talking about cosplay today. The presenter admitted she'd not heard the term before. Another programme to follow: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b065hg75

    P.S. Loved the 'no stinking licences' comment!


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