Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rectangle Dress - Pattern alteration

I've made my measurements, I've printed out the pages, I've proofed and reprinted out the pages (I copy onto onesided things I save for these matters). Since I'm only making one more of these, I'm just slapping this together with newspaper. I might trace the whole thing later to save it, but I might actually drop those extra inches around myself, so I will look on the bright side and make one copy for now.

The great thing about PDF patterns is that once I have downloaded the pattern, I can reprint and make changes all I darn well want to. I can make different sizes. Yes, it's more effort, but I get multiple sizes out of  one pattern, and I can cut and alter them all to suit the situation. Or my sister.

I did my measurements. I did my math. Hip is 41", divided by 4 is 10 1/4"

See kids, math is useful!
Got them all taped together. Now I need to make the pieces  longer. About ten inches longer. So I cut them both from side to side

Layout newsprint under the cuts

Line them up straight

Check several times, tape one side down and then the other, and draw new line. Right over the crossword.

Before we widen, let me adjust the facing. I added lines to make matching up the sides easier. For both of us, baby!  My preferred back of neck distance is 6 1/2 inches.

Making sure it's straight. Off a little I think.

Measure twice, kid! Then tape it down.

Now the back needs widening. By two inches.

Measure at one end, put little piece of tape down. I'm placing my long ruler along the piece I tape first, to keep it flat (and check to see that it stays straight. All these cuts make the piece want to curl up and go different ways.  Behave!

Check at other end, little piece of tape at the end. If I'd used blue tape, you'd have a better idea how little I mean.


Check in the middle. See how warpy the paper is getting? A big flat space to do this in really helps here.

And we're at 13 1/2 because I made it move there.

I have folded the neck facing in half to match the pattern piece to check the measurement.

I clipped the center fold of the facing to help get the right measurement, line it up on the fold line.  Moved the diamond out half an inch.

Pattern as marked.

Checking the front facing to match. The + marks where it will go. I didn't have to adjust the front fold line; it's right where I want it, but I checked it now.

And now they are ready to go!

If I had used blue tape, this would be a sea of little blue squares. And some long strips as well.

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