Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some ideas are always with us

You and I have seen this design many times over the years, but sometimes it is nice to have a pattern already made up for you. Elizabeth Gillett's Vogue pattern can be repurposed to make this fine Vionnet 'blazer' (their wording, not mine).

Essentially, it is backwards. The back seam in the Vogue pattern is the front opening in the 'blazer'. In something drapey, it would be yummy.

I do wonder why Vionnet doesn't dig into the mother line more often. It does seem a bit skeevy to me to buy/use the name and not the ideas. Unless all you're doing is selling perfume and licensing.

I am hammering away on three shirts for the Refashioners 2015 challenge, in the audience participation department. Been putting up clips on Instagram, but not enough time to make a post today.

see the cross seams? Go for it, kids.

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  1. It has a kind of stingray shape and it's very different from the sort of things that catch my eye. I like your analysis.


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