Sunday, May 6, 2018

MeMadeMay 2018 the UFO challenge

I hate selfies. I don't have a good mirror with a view I want you to see. I don't like taking a photo of what I wore every day. It's just not my nature.
Sad tiny woman tries to take photo in bathroom of Seattle Opera house. Doesn't try again. All of you with bathroom selfie skills, have pity. No floor length mirrors for me
I do sew every day in May. I have the time, I get to and the UFO pile grew again.

My sister's skirt needs pockets. 
Sad teen found sweater that has so many beetle holes, it might as well get wacky mending. Son has approved black dots. Kinda a wool polka dot thing.

The cocoon coat is hovering and waiting

This needs pockets

This needs duplicating and a fabric choice. It does have swatches coming from Spoonflower.

This needs to be made wearable, either a shirt or a jacket

This jacket toile has all the fittings for a final version. Several.

This is a backpack. You can't see it?

This t will need to get all shrunk and twisted in the wash before I alter it. It's a poly blend so it won't shrink. That ruler is on the grain. The back has the same misgrain. It's not going to end well. Well, the star will get transplanted to a hoodie. Because I will always love Cap for July 1974, ish#175

Beautiful sweater from Elhoffer Designs.

Needs a gusset for me chub arms

I'm surrounded. This is only a fraction.

We're starting with the raincoat. It needs the placket, the zipper, cuffs and a visor on the hood. And some reflective bling.

The zipper took longer, it got handbasted and wondertaped. I swear!  Clearly, I have learned nothing about putting in a zipper and not getting the front all shrinky looking. I'm also just tired of sewing it and I want to wear it at least once in this very brief spring season.


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  1. I hear you loud and clear. The first several years of project minima had no pictures of me wearing my clothes. I was not into it. There were pictures of my clothes on hangers. ye gads! I eventually surrendered to photos I took of myself wearing my clothes with my old SLR camera shot into a floor length mirror I had found in the alley behind the house. Nice and grainy. That went on for another year or so. I hate having pictures of myself!!! And it takes up too much time to do when I'd rather be sewing. But...people like to see you in the stuff you make. period. That's when I actually started getting comments. Around year 4 or 5.

    Anyway, your raincoat looks awesome anyway you look at it. And your UFOs are intriguing. You go girl.


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