Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blogger, give me back my email notifications for comments

Part of my blogging is to keep up the information and the links on this blog and make them as current as I can, given that I am one human with a shrinking brain.

Google Blogger is taking away OpenID, which is annoying, and (most annoying) discontinuing comment notifications by email. Which means I won't see that you commented right away. More to the point, if you have a correction or a comment on an older post, I might not see it at all and continue to be wrongheaded when you tried to set me right.


I will make sure Anonymous is available. If you wouldn't mind putting your moniker in the comment, that would be more friendly like.

So if you're posting a comment, I may not see it. I set that moderation wall for comments on older posts, we'll see if that catches things.
I promise to check it regularly.

I have prom photos to paw through, and a couple more photos to take. 
I said I didn't have any prom work this year.

Never say never. 

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  1. Wow, "anonymized". You can also see if there's any new comments anywhere if, while you're on your blog, you click on Design which is located at the top of your screen, right side. It'll open up onto a new page with a list on your left hand side. Click on comments and another page opens up that shows all comments ever made by you or anyone else in chronological order - most recent ones first. It's not as convenient as getting email notifications, but at least you can see if you're getting spam or any comments at all.


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