Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rose Jam Hat Time

So I found this great rose ribbon, about 4" wide, wired on the edges. Couldn't think of what to do with it but hat.
Pulled the wire, used my handy dandy hat template/pattern/recipe.

The green velveteen is leftover from Auntie Jeanette's crazy quilt backing.

The red lining is just always here.
Hat from the stash, sort of.

The great search for a rose that will provide hips didn't end so well, but the petals for rose petal jam have been stunning.
Got them before the second crop of aphids did.

Anne M Bray has a deeply simple and very effective recipe on her blog, reprinted with her permission. 

 I crib it from her every year, and I'm posting this link here so I don't forget it.

A blog is a handy thing if you move from job site to site, and need information you just don't want to put in your phone, or it's too big.

I'm not talking the dimensions of my furnace filters, or the exact file number for that really comfy stretch fabric from Joann's

I genuinely wish I could order fabric from Joanns by its greige good information.

But stuff like this jam. I planted about a billion different varieties of rose over the years, trying to find this one for this job for a jar of this stuff. Cause

(flavor explosion)

I don't know that I slowly added anything, but it turned out fabulous again this year.
And it's delicious with pancakes


  1. You're a blonde!? And everything's coming up roses. I guess it would taste good with all that sugar, geez. Like the green velvet with the red mini roses.

    1. I am artificially blond for the moment. I was trying to go white, but after three hours in a chair breathing that crap, I gave up. I like to think it's my Captain Marvel 'do. Also scares people. Goooooooood. And thanks. This recipe is better than the jelly, which is nothing but sugar and pectin and rose water. Roses not necessary.


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