Sunday, June 3, 2018

Prom Time! 2018

I don't have daughters, and there's not much costume work right now.
So prom.
We have two participants in the dress queue. Both with chiffon outer skirts.

One was purchased awhile ago by F'ces, Empress of the Universe (LLC), and then finals and stuff happened, and it needs to be let out.

This photo really says it all for me. There's a girl in a dress that won't zip up, and her mom and me and pins and a tape measure. I have other photos for reference of how much and where, but do you need to see this? No. I need a couple of inches to add.

And there's not much to shop from to add. I have an almost-similar-but-not-quite lining fabric to fill where it won't show so much.
So things have to be pieced together.

I found more 'outside' chiffon lining the back bodice. Why? So I could cut it out and use it.
Thanks Prom Dress Maker!

I made myself a sandwich of chiffon and lining and some mystery fabric mesh for a stable base. 

All machine basted in place

Stitched the pieces, cut them up. I pinked to save a finishing step later

And in this light, on the table, yes you can see it clearly. If F,EotU doesn't lie down on a brightly lit table with her arm over her head (either side), we're good.

And I think it needs more pins on the inside....
Also needs more in the skirts (yes, a chiffon and two lining layers)
So we gotta find that and it 's going to show more, so I need to find some of the original lining to cut for the outermost of the two skirts. The chiffon has some pleating that I can undo enough to get an inch.

The inner skirts have a little extra kick in the back below the zip. We can use that.
That long wedge fills the gap
Inside of a dress

Outside of a dress. 

There are prettier photos of F,EotU, but none that make her look more empirical than this one. It's actually a little too big in the waist now, but she had a great time at prom and could dance and move around, so I call it good.
Love that hoomin.
You didn't think I was going to leave the dress out of it, did you? Yes, it's overexposed. Need to work on the home photo set up this summer. I have been studying all your MMMay photos for ideas. 

Dress Two is a shorter story. General Leia Huttslayer's* niece bought a dress online and it showed up with a spray of what looked like bleach dots on the skirt.
Blingle to distract and cover!
Bad little bleach dots!

Blingle to the rescue. We'll camoflage the error with sparkle.

Nice enough, but the General wants to add some rhinestones, as she does

So pro tip: if you're gluing them on chiffon, you can suspend the area over a pie plate so the glue dries on the chiffon and doesn't glue the stones to the other stuff through the chiffon.

The Niece is in there somewhere, before the rhinestones.

*her burlesque title.


  1. Nice work on your/ their prom dresses. Not something I would want to do, so kudos to you, kid.

    1. I promise, very loosely, to 'do' one thing for each senior I know. I am still waiting for the suit request. (and I need to figure out this comments response thing. I'been sick. Yup. Dat's id. Achoo.)


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