Saturday, March 9, 2019

More round hats and SewExpo 2019

I genuinely hate driving in traffic, and any excuse for public transit I will seize upon.
So I took the bus to the train to the bus to SewExpo.

You have to click on this to see the action 

I stalked Bernina presser feet.

I visited the booth where I bought my hat's fabric

I took two classes.

Peggy Sayers of Silhouette Patterns didn't have a booth this year, she was just here to give a couple of presentations. Her presentation on sleeves hewed to the "if you have a blouse that fits you, that's the sleeve/armhole you want to use". Her key measurement is the arm circumference of your favorite blouse/top. 
 Let's give Peggy the chance to tell you herself. This is essentially the lecture she gave. It's a great idea, and saves you a lot of redrafting and messing around.
These machine knit blankets are about ten feet high.

The loveliest bias hem on a Kalle blouse

with a very charming sew in tag.

I bought these from Drygoods. I've never been in their Seattle shop. Silly me.

I got this stunning pendant from Rusty Crow. The needle and the button are separate items.

Pattern coming soon!

It was not one of Ms Ruddy's better days.
 That said, she answered all the questions the audience had. There was time/room location/topic confusion and she had about a minute to change her presentation. No harm done.

A magnetic pincatcher /cup on a plastic snap bracelet. I will show you how to make one of these later this month, from stuff you already own, sometime in the March edition of Tips and Tools. I just need to buy another chocolate milk bottle that has the cap that works best for this.

I found the motherlode of vintage stuff.
More halo prim button covers and some crazy snap strap buttons

The hat pattern that Peter Lappin made famous and a demented Simplicity uplighting pattern with a cowl pattern you know I'm going to take a swing at.
And the pattern on the left is going to be my spring regrade project. The right, we'll get to that later. 
There is no trip to Puyallup without a scone. Skipped the jam this time. Mmmmmm.

I didnt' wait for the train to go home, so took the express bus back. HOV lanes are my friend.
Yes, they put the Sound Transit map in woven upholstery on the seats.


  1. upholstery!

    yr sistr

    1. Well, of course. You know me better than anyone, my dear.

  2. Replies
    1. I am kinda shocked it took them this long to think of this. I signed up on a mailing list for more info. There are several outdoor companies that have a specific jacket style (Filson comes to mind as well) and a pattern wouldn't undermine their sales. There's a restaurant in town that published its infamously tasty lasagna recipe, and it just sells more for them (the recipe is pretty much: this is going to take a long long time and handmade noodles rolled thinner than you could dream of).

  3. I have my Grandmother’s 49er jacket (don’t know when she got it) and it’s lovely and so special. But I’ve also got some nice new wool and would love to make a new one, with wider cuffs.


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