Sunday, June 28, 2020

Princess Ida Has Moved On

Our Princess has passed.
She arrived with the name Ida.
As a Savoyard (fan of Gilbert and Sullivan), I honored her with the Princess title*.

Which she royally deserved.

She had opinions about how you spent your time.

You're done voting

You're done sketching

You're done cutting this out
(she was banned from the sewing room, so this is the only 'cat and sewing' photo I have)

This was how she liked to travel. Usually in the hood of the hoodie. Of the photos I have of her, and there are a lot of them, over 60% of them are photos of her being carried around by one or another of our family. Or acquaintances she pressed into service.
She enjoyed an elevated viewpoint

I don't have the photos from when we brought her home, but she lived with us for the last nine years. She was 18 (possibly older) but considering how little time she spent on the floor, she didn't have much mileage on her. She had kidney issues, feline herpes (she could sneeze a LOT) and a host of other pesky annoyances and major health issues. She was an only cat, never went outside, and liked to be UP, and she liked it best if you carried her around and didn't sit down.  

This last week or so, she got a lot smaller. No less fluffy and soft tho

Ida supervised a lot of these posts. 

There was a whole week of this. I never saw her get up there, and there was nothing nearby that was almost as tall. No one else was around to help her do this. And yes, she's meowing to be let down. She was a meower.
She did fall out the second story window once. Sat on the back porch until I opened the door and SURPRISE! Guess who got outside?

There's a very sturdy nailed in screen behind her. She only fell out the once.

She really liked the Carolyn Pajamas.

She liked to help write this blog. It's weird typing this with both hands.
She will be missed, and by no one more than me.
I love you baby girl. Rest easy.


  1. awwww, sweet dreams Princess Ida. You'll meet up with Tiki cat and Ronde, I bet.

    1. They will walk on all the high spots and ledges and observe. Thanks sweetie!

  2. We had to have our lovely boy put down this year, he was only 10. They never fully leave I find, but flit around under your feet [and in high places] just to carry on being the contrary fabulous creatures they are.


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