Sunday, October 11, 2020

Housekeeping Note: Switching to Fridays

 I am taking a college accounting class this fall, as well as working, and my homework is due on Sunday night. 

I just finished my homework for today, and really can't wrap my brain around editing photos and wrangling captions and in-bedding videos and talking about sewing for work. 

Which I have been doing, and I have thoughts. The Pekka jacket is on version three, heading for four.

This is version two, the elephant version without the midpanel princess seams.

Four! And I hated it out of the gate. Go figure.

I have been trying be consistent about keeping a schedule on this here blog/storage shed , and trying to publish on Sunday nights. That's not going to happen for awhile, so I am shifting to Friday nights.

You can always read it Sunday night.

Or Monday morning.

It's a pandemic. What is time?

 and yes I am shameless

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