Friday, October 16, 2020

Masks continued

I am actually wearing the mask that matches the shirt. (Also a color coordinated Pekka jacket, and pants that coordinate absurdly well. This doesn't happen much except with black fabric, so I'd like an OOOOH, please.)

I am wearing the mask that matches my sister's pants

The pants of my sister, in progress in July

A batch of masks for my son and his tribe
The dress that matches this mask is done, but too summery for chilly October.

Yes, matching masks and seasonal masks will be a thing for the foreseeable future.

Hey, Ann!

I have continued to refine the process, cutting out second and third layers in batches and just roughly pinning them together, tossing them in the project box, sewing them together when it needs to happen. I have still not drunk any White Claw, but my corner store sells a lot of it, thus the free project box. I'm not worrying about the thread matching on the interiors, or even having a dark interior for a dark mask.

I cut out a lot of interior parts, and then I cut out exterior parts, and then I match them up and sew a batch.

The interior piece is a teeny bit smaller, to fit inside it a little better. I just recut the pattern piece to acknowledge I was doing this at the machine each time.

Chain sewing

Mostly I want my interiors to be comfortable and a cotton poly blend for evaporation. That's been less moist wearing them at work for hours and hours and hours.

I am cutting knit fabric to make straps

You pull on the cut strips to make them curl in on themselves (I learned this trick from Steph C at Cake) and they make pretty stretchy and comfortable straps, either around the head or around the ears. The lycra jerseys have more bounce to them for the 'around the ear' models.

I bought these on Amazon. They are not that bendy, so I'm not linking the product

Wire continues to be a pain. I have a lifetime supply of 10 gauge jewelry wire, so I can use that, but it is fiddly to get in once I have made a channel for it, or even goofier if I try to sew around it. I bought wire strips which are not heavy gauge enough to stay bent.

This is another instance of Amazon being inadequate to the supply chain. No inperson vetting for products new to market. I would buy from a known supplier if one were available. I have whined about Amazon's lack of interest in it's vendors and customers before, that complaint is still holding true if not more so now.

If you are going to shop with them, please leave reviews for products AND answer the questions about them if queried (and do ask those questions). I amuse myself by leaving short stories about the plastic crows I have purchased, but I do give prompt and accurate answers to more important product queries. If we are stuck with this ridiculous service after it has taken down all the real businesses that have cared about our custom, then we have to game it in our favor.

And for getting this far, a reward (with a tip of the hat to Threads for reminding me about this project)

I am going to make one for work, because it's kind of inevitable that I would. 

I am a health screener now, you know.


  1. I thought you might like to read this post I found about making your own metal nose pieces: Even if you don't start with making the metal strips themselves, the tip on encasing wire or pipe cleaners or whatever in a bit of fusible interfacing might be something you could adapt!

  2. I use plastic covered garden wire, just get a gauge that is not too stiff!

  3. you can buy the nose wires on eBay


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