Sunday, December 1, 2019

Men's shirts and collar stays

Somebodies already did the work on this topic.
I'm just making mashup contrasty pictures of it.

I like her version the best. It's almost just like all the real ones I've seen, and she gives you the instructions for assembly.
But this is hard to see.
And there's a free pattern for a similar thing, which we're going to borrow. But let me make this clear, this is Mad Housewife's Idea. This is.... the children's book version.

If you combine her ideas with their pieces, you get a pretty nice collar for free. Her recommendation to stretching the smaller undercollar and showing the results is sweet.
Go read it on her page!
Then come back.

Looking at the shirts in the family closet, I mocked this example up. I used contrasting scraps to show the fabric layers.

The grey is the under collar, the dark grey is the pieced section. Make sure you cut them ongrain; small pieces go wrong so fast if you don't. You would make them of the same colors, unless you are Robert Graham and then you would not.
My spouse has a couple less flashy RG shirts. They can be very worth that extra money, though we bought his at the thrifts. They hold up well.

Folded over the edge once. I'm not anticipating a lot of fraying in this place, so I didn't finish it

I have wandering collar stays around the laundry area, picked a random one. They vary a little, but generally are about this big.

Roughly there

Marked it

Stitched it
It is important to leave enough clearance to get that stay into the slot next to the interior collar seam fold. You could leave a lot more and the stay wouldn't wander. Except in the wash, and they do that anyway.

This is the wrong side.

 Marked where seam lines go.
This collar point is a little weird to me, but to each their own.

The actual stay in the actual shirt it was made for. My thumb is pointing to where the fold meets the collar stand seam. Yes, this collar point is a lot different.

With similar layered piece thinking and a button loop, you could do this

No finished products, just half samples today. The holidays are busy with family and managing disappointments. 

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