Friday, July 31, 2020

Pretend You're Leaving - Closet Core Modeling Advice

photos from Closet Core website
There is some fine advice, and great humor in this post.

I have an awful time with photos. I'd participate in more stuff, but photography is hard. 
Workroom mirror selfies are just for my reference
Opera house bathroom selfie. What the hell am I wearing?
Fun with mug shot timer selfies
One of my goals is to take better photos of me in the clothes. Because the clothes are supposed to look good on me, not because I want to take my photo over and over again.

Anne M Bray is my muse in this. She has the OOTD selfie DOWN
I am so stealing this. I will have to give her a permanent art director credit if I do.
That's more than fine with me.

And then there's the gold standard
photo by Nicolas Pillai
although she's here more often
This one is better but there was arguing and more than one photo was taken. I made those pants twice because I outgrew the first pair. LOVE THEM.

This is okay. It's from Frocktails 2018. It was a dark room, and my phone camera is crap in a dark setting
Fun fact: this is not the rectangle dress that's making the rounds, it's my rip off of a Yohji Yamamoto dress from the Seattle Art Museum Future Beauty show some summers ago. We'll finally get to that later this week.
Does no one know how to make the bed in this house?

I did a whole series of these; the parabolic mirror at the post office was the closest I could get to a work selfie
More recent work selfies in symphony hall bathroom. Won't be there until we get a vaccine

Home bathroom selfie not working

Spouse was peeved that I asked him to take one of the dress, not my face. This is as much dress as you are going to get here. And he took one. Which was one too many for  him.

So I'm working on a standard set up, and will document that process; things easier to photograph than me. I won't be going anywhere with better lighting anytime soon.
Added this, still working on new setup. But in honor of Heather Lou, some hair touching


  1. I will be following this topic closely, with great interest. My selfies of my makes turn out so badly, and my DH also hates it when I ask him to take photos. Not surprisingly, the photos he takes turn out horribly. (The camera senses how he feels!)

  2. Love the dress in the final shot.

    The parabolic mirror selfie wins hands down for me, but then I am not a fan of typical blog photos. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Haha. Thanks for the big shout out! I take mine at the office. In the "photo studio" (really it's an office that been repurposed. That's a fake printed brick wall behind me). I make the collage using the phone app Instasize.
    My selfie game did not spring forth like Botticelli's Birth of Venus. No, early selfie days are AWKWARD! Here's evidence of my learning curve:


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